Fabric Memoirs Custom Art to Capture Your Memories


In the creation of Fabric Memoirs and Custom Quilts I seek to honor and convey the spirit of the subject .


Fabric Memoir Portraits blend photographs and fabric to create unique, personal pieces. I honed my photo transfer technique while working on The Comfort Quilt Project  which came about when my friend’s child Ryan was diagnosed with cancer.  I made a very special quilt for Ryan which incorporated photos of his family and friends and familiar character prints.   These unique quilts provide the reassurance of familiar faces when loved ones can not be there in person.  The process has evolved beyond The Comfort Quilt Project to now include small personal portraits to full size memory quilts. 


Some custom quilt examples...


Road Trip to Another Time- Fabric Memoir


Meet the Grunbaums
In a 1947 Buick Sedanette ready for that trip to
The wilds of Westchester or maybe even Rockland County


Meet Bella - Fabric Memoir

She radiates joy as she stands in the dog’s water dish
And, she is “learning me” Swedish
Which, in Swedish is technically correct
And she counts from one to twenty but always skips 12
And with a determination born of a Chinese orphanage
She says “I can do it”
And when she can not she allows
“You help now”


For Joanna - Fabric Memoir


The Joanna in this picture is 17 years old, loves Elton John, M*A*S*H, the NY Yankees and played the piano beautifully.   

 She succumbed to cancer at the age of 48 last year but captured here will always remain full of life and promise.

Mourner's Kaddish over "Funeral for a Friend" by Elton John.


Just Married - Fabric Memoir



We set out in a borrowed canoe for an Adirondack adventure and found each other.


Copa Celebration - Fabric Memoir



Please join us in a toast.
My parents and grandparents - together for a celebration at the Copa Cabana.


Sarah in Plonsk - Fabric Memoir


Great Grandmother Sarah Grunbaum

Far from war torn plonsk
Forever in a safe place,

Now shrouded in silk


Up and Away Lwo

Up and Away Leo - Fabric Memoir


Leo Soars!


Alex Shines

Alexandra Blooms - Fabric Memoir


Little Southern Belle
Not a baby anymore

Alexandra blooms


First Day of School


First Day of School - Fabric Memoir


First day of school.



Custom Photo Quilt


Made for Susan Steindorf.

Queen Quilt

Custom Queen Quilt


Made for a young woman of many talents!

Africa Quilt

Custom Queen Quilt


Made from photos of Hannah's adventures.



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