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Welcome to Greentree Fiber Arts

Upcoming Events:

at Greentree Fiber Arts, Studio 304
The Shirt Factory
Glens Falls, New York


Studio Open House welcoming Sharon Crute

Saturday June 22, 2019

1 pm to 4 pm


North Country Arts Studio Tour

Saturday August 10, 2019

10 am to 5 pm

Welcome to Greentree Fiber Arts

GREENTREE FIBER ARTS (nee Greentree Quilts) Lovingly crafted works of art.


From her studio in Upstate New York, Fiber Artist Susan Rivers creates unique works of art using fabric, thread and her vivid imagination.  Susan has been drawn to fabric all her life.   Infatuated with the fabric medium but not bridled by convention her work continues to develop.

Her evolving product line currently includes quilts, art quilt wall hangings, pillows, clothing, prints, "silk fusion" pieces, “Topo Map Products”, “Fabric Memoirs” and the “Comfort Quilt Project”. 


Recent Work Pictured below are: "The Earth Laughs in Flowers", "Water Lily Dreams" and "Through the Tress"


Earth LaughsspacerWaterlilyspacerview


“Topo Prodocts " incorporate maps transferred to fabric (ANY area in the U.S. available) which are then made into pillows, quilts, wall hangings and holiday stockings. Below are "Topo Pillows" with batik fabric borders. 


Topo Pillows


Fabric Memoirs" are pieces blending photos and fabric to create personal portraits or full size quilts to capture YOUR memories and tell YOUR story. Below is a portrait of "Lily at One Year". 




“The Comfort Quilt Project” came about in response to a friend’s child, who at age 4, was diagnosed with cancer. Sadly, Ryan lost his battle with neuroblastoma in 2011 at age 12.  These quilts include photos of family and friends and are for children (and adults) undergoing long hospital stays.  These unique quilts provide the reassurance of familiar faces when loved ones can not be there in person. 



Profits from the sale of any Greentree Fiber Arts product benefit the Comfort Quilt Project.